Why do I get the DEFAULT rails page

I'm following the tutorial here:

And have set the route as:

root :to => "home#index"

But, always get the DEFAULT Rails page.

What could I be missing?


You didn't delete/rename public/index.html, at a guess.

Daniel Bye wrote:

What default rails page are you getting? If it looks remarkably like
public/index.html used to look before you deleted it, and you really
have deleted it, then perhaps the browser has cached it or something.
Quickly make a new rails app and have a look at index.html if forget
what it looked like. Look carefully in public and make sure you have
not left something lying around. I presume you have re-started
everything and still see the problem.


Colin suggests that your browser may be caching it; there may be
additional levels of caching going on. AFAIK Rails doesn't
automagically wanted-but-deleted default pages (like how Windows will
restore many missing files), but perhaps either it does now, or some
bizarre gem you've installed does so.

Check if it's there now. If so, don't delete it again, but edit it,
and make it completely different. Then see what your browser shows
you. If it's still the old version, press Shift while refreshing the
page (^R, F5, or whatever your browser uses). If it's STILL the old
one, then let's worry about your routing. Problems like these often
turn out to be something trivial, while the geeks are hunting down the
hairy sort of problem they LIKE to solve.... :slight_smile:


Thanks a lot everyone.

It seems that it may be a cache problem. I deleted the application and
created it from scratch and now it works fine.

I will remember that solution. Next time I want to clear the cache I
know I just have to delete the app and recreate it from scratch.


Colin Law wrote: