Which install method for rvm on production server?

Fernando Perez wrote in post #981446:

All in all, even if I had to endure a bit of trial and error, I really
like the way rvm works and keeps things confined.

If one day my ruby and/or gems go South I can simply rm -r ~/.rvm and
everything goes away so that I can start a fresh install in a breeze.

I'll have to retract that statement. I updated my gems recently and
passenger got updated as well, for some reason my Nginx+passenger setup
is now broken. I tried reinstalling Nginx+passenger with rvmsudo but now
it has permission problems. Why kind of joke is that?

rvm sudo prompts me for my password, so I guess under the hood it's
triggering sudo, so why that it now have the proper permissions over

I had no other choice to change the permissions on /opt/nginx to the
group in charge of the webapp stuff.