Where to put my homegrown class ?

I've developed a file (let's call it mypdf.rb) which extends the module
PDF::Writer with some additional methods. This enables me to produce PDF
documents of a very specific nature for a project I am working on.

I've developed and tested this outside the RoR framework. Now I want to use
it within the context of a RoR application.

Where should I put the mypdf.rb file, so that I can define objects from the
class ? Somewhere within the RoR application framework code ? Or
somewhere in the Ruby install tree ?


Phil Nelson


I am 95% sure that if you put the class in the root of lib (_not_ in a
subdirectory) it will be autoloaded by Rails initializer. So don't
need the explicity require. At least with version 1.1.6.

- rob