Where to put additional code for model.

Jim Burgess wrote:

I have written a method to map three 'virtual' fields in my form to one
'proper' field in my model.
It looks like this:

class Class
  def map_three_fields(var1, var2, var3)
    string_val = "...do stuff..."
   self.class_eval string_val

At the moment it is sitting at the top of my model, but the method is
quite long and this looks a bit ugly / cluttered.

Is there anywhere else I can put this code?

In my opinion (backed by zero experience), models are serfs, and
controllers are the aristocrats that command the serfs to do various
chores. So if you think a controller is going to get its hands dirty
doing the work of a serf, well...you better think again.

Of course you could create another model--one not hooked up to a
database--that has a class method that you could call like this:


And no, you wouldn't need a require.