Where to go for RoR, lighttpd, mongrel help? Maybe here?

Hi everyone,

I've been trying to install RoR with a nifty server that has no
problems for about 2 months now, on and off of course. I've tried it
on CentOS and FC6.

Right now I've decided to concentrate on FC6 so I won't be too spread
out. I found a good tutorial, although not meant for newbies (which I
am) here:


I'm getting errors though and I've tried posting on different forums:


I even contacted the guy that wrote the tutorial, exchanged several
emails with him, solved some problems but others popped up. I even
got tempted to ask him to ssh in then I realized I should be more
respectful and get help elsewhere :slight_smile: But haven't gotten good enough
help, probably because I've been posting on the wrong forums dedicated
to rails only. I've been working on this tutorial for about a week
now. Is there a place where I can get help for all technologies I'm
using? It's hard to tell sometimes if it's mongrel, lighttpd or rails
causing the problem.

Maybe this is the list? :slight_smile: If it is, I'm in dire need of help. I want
to pull out my shaved hair.