Where are the cached files stored on the production server?

I need to delete a file, but the cached files are no longer in the tmp folder on the production server. I don't see them in the shared either. I can't even find anything with the *nix find command.

Any clues?

Thanks for the help.

I believe cached files are stored in the public directory.

-- Josh

Chris Olsen wrote:

Ooops, I should've been more specific. Most of my caching is done via caches_action, not caches_page which is stored in the public dir.


So after some digging around in the source I turned up the method "lookup_store" for ActiveSupport::Cache.

Typing this into console got me the following:


=> #<ActiveSupport::Cache::MemoryStore:0x24f9c44 @data={}>

Also, the documentation in the class points out the following:

# == Caching stores