When can we expect 6.1?

Seeing lots of activity in github for a while but milestone issues seem to be growing. Just wondering how 6.1 is coming as there are some major things would like to utilise including view components and active storage proxying.


To add some reference here are the milestones

Someone looked at time for the x.1 versions of rails to come out When is Rails 6.1 likely to be released? - DEV and if the past is accurate it should be released about now! That doesn’t look like the case but hopefully this year

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If you are really looking forward for 6.1, and there are things that are useful to you, why not just point to master? I’ve been using it in a production app for a few months now, and aside for a single regression, caught by my CI, I haven’t had a problem.

All you have to do is change your Gemfile and run bundle:

gem 'rails', github: 'rails/rails', branch: 'master'
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In the main rails project that I volunteer on (OpenStreetMap), we’re waiting on specific features that will be in both 6.1 (https://github.com/rails/rails/pull/34935) but also 6.0.4 (Fix #39205 ReadOnlyError when on writing connection by santib · Pull Request #39261 · rails/rails · GitHub). Unfortunately we can’t use master rails, in part because we use other gems that are only updated when actual rails releases are made.

It’s great to know these features/fixes are coming, but it’s also frustrating to know that they are written, and completed, ready for us to use - but are unavailable due to lack of releases! For example, the bugfix for that database connection problems was merged four months ago, but we still can’t use it yet. And it’s almost a year after the Active Storage feature was merged into master - but we can’t use that yet either!

So if there’s any way to make the release process easier for core developers, so that they can happen with a faster cadence, then I’m all ears. Or if you’re a core developer with your finger on the release button, please press it more frequently :wink: