What's the default table name for a model nested in a module?

Say I have a model

class Woodwork::Table < ActiveRecord::Base

Where will AR look for this in the database by default?


Hey all!

I jumped on RadRails yesterday and i love it!
I exported some of the code templates and saw they were xml

So i spent a section of this morning hacking together a simple little app that
lets you roll your own templates and exports them to xml,
which you can then import into RadRails

Dunno if this is useful to anyone else, but i thought i'd inform the community!

You can check it out at

I haven't tested it thoroughly, so if there are weird things happening,
i'd appreciate it if you tell me about them so i can fix them!

Feel free to mail me!
gustav [at] rails [dot] co [dot] za


Nice work, Gustav! Handy tool. Now, what would be a great addition is some sort of archive of all the user-created templates. There are tons of possiblities out there, it’d be nice to have a repository. That’s one the reasons I still dip into jEdit: someone created over 100 Rails templates that makes editing super-quick. I’ve tried converting the jEdit ones to Eclipse’s format, but they are some sort of encoded Java format…no luck.

Anyways, nice job.