What's the best way to install ruby/rails on Mac OS X?

Hello folks,

I've newly bought a Mac and am new to it. I want to install Ruby on
Rails on it (Ruby, Rails, SVN, Apache, MySQL, ...) but I'm not sure
which way is the best.

Should I go for Fink? OpenDarwin? Or just install them directly on mac.

What about something in Fink, something in OpenDarwin and something directly?

Using opendarwin (now macports) here, and it's working great.

I'm new to macs and never tried fink, but afaik port is the the
standard package manager on freebsd, thus probably not a bad choice.
It has subversion, apache 2.2.2, ruby, rubygems, postgres and anything
else i've needed.

Followed the recipe on
http://www.nshb.net/install-ruby-and-rails-on-mac-intel . (stopped
after installing postgres. don't want/need fcgi/lighty/mysql/apache on
my dev box.)