What is the weakness of Ruby? How is the execution speed of Ruby?

Is It much slower than JAVA in regard of the execution speed?

I though briefly about taking yet another stab at this very often asked question. But, I decided to just let someone else speak for me this this.


See the 5 bullet down from the top. And you might enjoy a quick read through the rest of them too.

I also, personally, very much enjoyed this comment to that article:

Well, gosh, java is not that slow. Those day's are from the slow cpu's of years ago.

I have a fairly new machine:

cat /proc/cpuinfo |grep CPU

model name : Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E6850 @ 3.00GHz model name : Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E6850 @ 3.00GHz

running Ubuntu 7.10. Java on here is slow. I tried using JEdit for a while, tossed it out for slowness. I use Oracle's sqldeveloper which is Java, slower than any other app I run, takes 20+ seconds to even startup.

Scripting languages are all the craze, for good reason.

I agree. If I have a compile cycle I want native code.

Then, there is Django (the python dudes), that seems to be from a guys doing work for online news. (lawrence) but i am not 100% sure. could be a nice, fast, alternative, if you need it.

I worked with Django for about 6 or 7 months earlier this year. It's missing so many things I've come to know and love about Rails. Not to mention the Django developers stopped working on the docs to go write their book. You seriously have to read source code to figure stuff out. Throws that rapid development hype right out the window. Python is awesome, Django not so much.

The days of the C guys blasting Java guys for speed, is pretty much over.

C will always be faster than Java, it has no byte code interpretation layer.

And there are not a lot of C projects anymore.

8375 projects found

There's like a gazillion people in #c on irc.freenode.net right now.

That's a somewhat unhelpful way of determining whether java is slow (whatever that might mean). <Insert name here> takes forever to load on my machine, and is written in C++. C++ must be slow.


I'm not trying to help you determine if Java is slow or not, I've already made that determination myself, through years of using Java apps.

thanks for the advice on Django. would you say, "RUN AWAY?"

Or wait until it's "done", if it ever gets there.

i personally have not seen a c guy in years.

I saw three this morning, but they work here.

I would be careful grouping all c based languages under one umbrella. For example Objective-C is a beautiful language and many of the best programs ever written are using it and run beautifully on my Mac.

Why aren't they read, seriously? What's wrong with a model?