What is the name of that gem?

I am having a very hard time googling for this. It’s a gem you add to your rails application, and it allows you to then request Node modules as if they were gems, and get them added to the asset pipeline. It’s a combination of a gem and a packaging service that wraps (maybe auto-wraps) the official NPM modules as gems, and makes them discoverable and installable without a lot of process or drama.

Can anyone remind me of the name of this gem/service?


this ?


or this?

Nope, neither of those. I recall that you would just be able to add lines to the Gemfile for each npm package, and they would be auto-loaded into the application.js.


I found https://github.com/endenwer/npm-rails but it uses a separate file, not Gemfile.

Are you thinking of https://rails-assets.org/#/

Someone reminded me off-list that I was thinking of https://rails-assets.org, which is for Bower, not NPM. Lovely tooling, gone too soon.


These problems are largely solved by webpacker now in Rails. Just add npm packages to your package.json (just as easy as adding to a Gemfile) and it works great with the asset pipeline.

You can use just Yarn without webpacker too.