What is the best place to post a medium sized Ruby project?

We are looking for someone to finish up some code bugs, and the last items on some software that is a business listing website, written in Ruby on Rails.

We have a clear list of what is needed, but I am not sure where best to post for Requests for Proposals for Ruby.

Your title could be improved. No idea you’re looking for paid help.

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Hi Jay, your best bet is to type “Ruby User Group” into Google, in addition to your city or town, and ask if there’s anyone available for freelancing/contracting on their mailing list. I can’t endorse anyone in particular. If you have a bigger budget you could go with an agency that specializes in Rails, there are a lot of them and quite a few new ones.

I would avoid anyone who recommends writing a lot of RSpec and unit tests, or using a lot of custom gems, as this will push up the tech debt on your project in the long run, and you could end up with a flaky test suite.


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I agree with looking into your local ruby user group but regarding this:

I would strongly recommend the exact opposite. :wink: Tests are what ensures your application is reliable and allows you to maintain the app moving forward. An application that has no tests is a red flag IMHO.

Now depending on the current state of the application (does the existing work have tests or not) and the business goals (are we looking for a minimum viable product that just needs a few tweaks to be released) perhaps you could prioritize ensuring you have proper tests until after you knock out your punch list. But it should be REAL soon after you knock out your punch list if you do delay it.