what is proper way to load lookup/reference data into test database?

I'm just getting into writing tests for my first RoR app. I've got a
few data migrations to load reference data (i.e. 2-char state abbrevs,
payment types, etc.). How do I get that data into the test database?
I understand fixtures are to load test data. But if I duplicate these
lookup tables in test fixtures, it seems like that is violating the
DRY principle. Is that OK in this case? Or do I run the data-only
migrations into the test database somehow?

just bumping in the morning for an answer

I believe there is a rake command to load fixtures into test and other
environments. However, I don't know it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I've only done a Unit Test so far, but I specified the fixtures to
load in that test case. I also ran rake db:test:prepare command, but
that only loaded the schema from dev, but not the data. I duplicated
the data in my fixtures just to move forward, but I'm still wondering
if that was the right thing to do.

The question was whether or not to duplicate the reference data in the