What initializer should I follow to be able to add to the config.assets.paths

Hey guys,

When testing a gem that adds a folder to config.assets.paths, I get an error that assets is not defined. It works on any version less than 5.0 but I couldn’t find any code that changed since then that would affect:

      initializer "my_gem.add_assets_path", after: :engines_blank_point, group: :all do |app|
        app.config.assets.paths << app.config.my_gem.      output_path

I also don’t know why engines_blank_point was originally chosen, but I tried changing it to a few different things and still had no luck. I have require rails and require rails/railtie at the top, so maybe something was moved out of them that is causing my problem, but I couldn’t find more information looking at the code. I also asked this question on StackOverflow, but I think it’s too specific to receive much attention there.