what includes do I need in a Ruby script to have access to Rails methods???


BACKGROUND: I have a Ruby file I use via cron that makes use of my
Ruby on Rails application code (e.g. it uses a model file to create
records in the database). When I run this via cron I use
"./script/runner filename.rb" and this works fine.

QUESTION: I want to be able to run this file by itself (without
./script/runner) so I can debug it in Netbeans (e.g. right-click on
the file and go DEBUG). What #includes's do I need to ensure the file
inherits what is required?

Note: I did try including the first two lines in the ./script/runner
script in my, however this doesn't seem to work. It just gives a "Run
'/Users/greg/source/bankalerts/lib/alerts/alert.rb -h' for help."

To load the whole Rails environment,

require File.join(File.dirname(__FILE__), "..", "config", "boot")
#adjust the path accordingly for the location of your script
require File.join(Rails.root, "config", "environment")

If you just need to work with your ActiveRecord models, just require
'active_record', whatever models you need to work with, and load your

excellent, thanks pharrington, worked like a charm

You don’t need to include (require) boot.rb as it’s already included in environment.rb.