What exactly is rake

Hi Friends,

I am a newbie to Ruby on rails. i would like to know what exactly is


Did you try googling? http://rake.rubyforge.org/

Hi Dheeraj,

I tried. at most of the places it said its like make. but i am not aware
of what is make. more over most of google pages gave me how to install
the rake.

can you pls help me in understanding


That’s good. Now you have a chance to learn what “make” is. I’m sure it would come in handy .

I've had the good fortune to meet Jim Weirich and see him speak at several conferences. He's a very funny guy, and deeply smart. (One of his slides last year, while discussing the genesis of the tool, had the innocuous title "How hard could it be?", meaning how hard to make a general purpose state machine to do system automation things in Ruby. Here's a transcript of an interview that might give you some further insights. And you really do want to find out more about Make, too.



Rake means ‘Ruby make’, generally it is used to run the database migration. It is used for the same kind of tasks that ‘make’ and ‘ant’ are used for in other languages like C and Java respectively. When Rake is given a task to do, like running migrations, it analyzes the application and decides which script to run. In ruby its used for more complicated tasks like modifying the database structure and running tests.