Western New York Ruby User's Group -- TONIGHT!

Hey all, sorry for the last-minute notification, but if you're in
Buffalo, the Western New York area (or Southern Ontario), we're
planning on having a Ruby user's group meeting:

Tonight (November 26th)
Spot Coffee on Delaware Ave, in downtown Buffalo

I hope anyone in the area can make it--and I promise that we'll have
better notification in the future. This will be the first meeting, so
tonight's basically going to be a meet-and-greet, although I think
we're going to have at least one talk (about Merb). We should have
around 8 - 10 people there, at least. Come and talk about Ruby,
Rails, or anything else related.

The site for the group is http://wnyruby.com, and you can contact Jim
Lindley (jim@jimlindley.com), or myself (mark@overnothing.com) with
any questions or comments.

Hope to see you all!

Mark Josef
Division By Zero