weird error - any ideas?

Initially the scores were handed over by the controller, and I thought
something went wrong there. So I just create an array "testscores" and try
it - same syntax error. As a Ruby / RoR I would appreciate a helping hand *&
word of wisdom

compile error
/home/mongrel/Dmc/config/../app/views/mydass/results.rhtml:3: syntax error,
unexpected ')', expecting kDO_COND or ':' or '\n' or ';'
_erbout.concat(( for var in @testscores ).to_s); _erbout.concat "\n"
/home/mongrel/Dmc/config/../app/views/mydass/results.rhtml:5: syntax error,
unexpected kEND
_erbout.concat(( end ).to_s); _erbout.concat "\n"

Extracted source (around line #3):

1: <h1>DASS21 score for <%= @user %> </h1>
2: <%= @testscores = ['a', 'b', 'c'] %>
3: <%= for var in @testscores %>
4: Score: <%= var %> <br>
5: <%= end %>

Where the heck is the syntax error here?
(the full rhtml file attached)


results.rhtml (659 Bytes)

Duh, solved it myself.
Sleep deprived brain syndrome I guess: "<%" it should be, not "<%="