WEBrick 500 error only with https

I have an application i'm installing on my application server. I've
using WEBrick and for now i'd like to just keep using it working in
prototype development mode. This works fine on my development machine
using both http and https, where the host is 'localhost' (ports
3000,3001). It also works fine on the application server http port
The public/index.html also comes up fine using ssl (port 3001), but
to pages that call a controller fail with following message:

x.x.66.67 - - [04/Mar/2010:17:28:43 MST] "GET /tags HTTP/1.1" 500 948
https://x.x.x.x:3001/ -> /tags

'tags' is the name of my model, the request for this error is

See below for the full startup of WEBrick, initial index page
and then the request for the tags info. Also below is the script i'm
to start WEBrick. That's copied from various examples in various
blogs. It
seems popular.

I am NOT running two WEBrick's, just want to run the one copy, all
ssl, on
port 3001, or whatever. I do have tomcat running and serving on 443,
also an instance of apache. I can't see why they'd be involved though.

Using self generated cert.

I've been looking at asset_host setting, and anything else i can
but i can not find anything that tells me what the problem is. I
it must have something to do with redirection and dropping the
or rather using http rather than https, or maybe it's dropping the

Thanks for any clues, signed, confused (Bob).

Never miiiinnnnnddd. Figured it out finally. In the startup script,
the definition of OPTIONS :environment needs to be changed from
'development' to 'production'. (My use of -e isn't actually
implemented by this script.)