Webistrano 1.4 released


I just released Webistrano 1.4 at


Webistrano is a tool for managing Capistrano deployments and offers a rich web UI. It lets you manage projects with their stages and keep track who deployed which version to which servers.

Webistrano 1.4 brings many new features that make deployment easier. The most prominent are:

     * Recipe versioning
       recipes are now versioned so that you can keep track of changes

     * Project cloning
       you can now create a template project and clone it over
       and over again

     * Array parameters
       support for arrays as values for configuration parameters

     * CAS-auth support
       Single Sign-On support by delegating authentication to a
       CAS server. See the documentation at

     * Enhaced UI
       nicer overviews of deployments and many small fixes

     * Cancel deployments
       a running deployment can now be canceled by Webistrano.
       The running Capistrano instance will be killed so use
       this feature with care

     * Track deployed revisions
       Webistrano will track which revision was deployed.
       This way you always know which version is running where

     * Updated packages
       Rails 2.1 and Capistrano 2.5.0

Apart from that some smaller enhancements and fixes went into the 1.4 release. See the CHANGELOG for a complete list.

Further, there is now a Webistrano mailing list at http://groups.google.com/group/webistrano

Go get Webistrano from the project homepage as a download or checkout the source:


svn co http://labs.peritor.com/svn/webistrano/trunk

Download (3.4 MB): http://labs.peritor.com/webistrano/attachment/wiki/Download/webistrano-1.4.zip?format=raw