Web Services on Rails

Anyone use this pdf ?
Already ran into an error and checked O’Reilly site and there is no errata submitted to date.
I’m getting an error in the first example (Yahoo search using REST)
NoMethodError in
Showing app/views/code/yahootest.rhtml where line #2 raised:
undefined method text’ for #REXML::Text:0x388fb50

Controller -
class CodeController < ApplicationController

def yahootest
query = CGI.escape(“SEARCH TEXT”) #URL encoded search value
yahookey = “19571957”
url = "http://api.search.yahoo.com/
" +
“WebSearchService/VI/webSearch?” +
“appid=#{yahookey}&query=#{query}” +
result = Net::HTTP.get(URI(url))
@doc = REXML::
Document.new result


<% @doc.root.each_element do |res| %>
Title: <%= res[0].text.to_s %>

Summary: <%= res[1].text.to_s %>

Link: <%= res[2].text.to_s %>

<% end %>

??? Anyone know what’s wrong


After changing some of the code for the Yahoo test and then trying the Google test, I’m getting 404 errors:

Not Found

`/code/googletest’ not found.

Pretty weird after all was getting uninitialized constant in Application Controller bug .
This is in 1.1.6
Updated to edge to finish off these two “quick” examples.