Web Service issue

Could canyone can tell me how to invoke remote web service using ruby
on rails?

It depends on the web service. Your three basic types of web services
have libraries available:

REST (used by the upcoming ActiveResource library)



Specific services like Flickr, Delicious, etc may have their own
special ruby libs.

Keep in mind though, that this mailing list is to discuss core Ruby on
Rails development. Please leave your questions to the general
mailing list. Thanks.

In J2EE development, there are a lot of tools helping us to generate
stub class using wsdl file. But in rails, It seems to me there is not
the tool like that. So i have a question:

When we invoke the remote web service, How does the rails know the type
of paramter and return type of remote web service? How do i invoke web
service in Rails? Help me

Hi Ken

Like Rick mentioned, this mailing list is about the development OF
ruby on rails, not WITH ruby on rails. Your questions would be more
appropriately directed to the main rails-users mailing list.

In this case, though, I'll point you in the right direction; google for SOAP4R