Web Framework Comparison Benchmarks

Hi all,

For my final year project I have been comparing web frameworks to get performance benchmarks that others can then use when deciding upon a web framework. The idea is simple; first you build the same simple applications in another web framework and then use the tests that I provide. You then compare your results against my benchmarks to help in making a decision on your chosen web framework. I started out with 3 web frameworks; Ruby on Rails, Chicago Boss and Flask. I chose Rails because of its status as the go to web framework, Boss because of its fast growing popularity and because of its Erlang implementation and finally Flask because it is very different to the first two in that it is a “bare bones” web micro-framework. The findings are interesting and can be seen here: http://web-framework-comparison.blogspot.ie/2015/04/benchmarks-i-am-final-year-student-in.html

Thanks for taking the time to read this and hopefully it might be of some benefit.

Darren Daly.

Thanks for sharing.

Not directly related to rails core, but kind of interesting so I moderated it through…

– Chad