we need 2 RoR Web Developers in Rome

Hi Everyone,

We are recruiting 2 new web developers for our RoR team in Rome. We normally contact people directly, but because this position is critical and we have a limited network in Ruby world we are posting it here. So we hope you are interested

We need 2 resources to improve our web team: junior Developer and Senior Developer. We are hands-on, creative, innovative problem solvers and we have in our team social researchers, marketing experts, creatuve designers and...maybe YOU!

We ask you to: Become part of a dynamic team of first class developers while at the same time individually contributing to your part of the platform work in a flexible group in a comfortable working place. We expect you to: be a Ruby developer or you wanna be have gained hands-on experience working in one or more Rails Projects for at least 2 years, be open, communicative and enjoy working as part of a team experience working on Apache Solr, Apache Marmotta or Sphinx is very welcome

And this is the offer: Competitive salary for permanent employment (How much above, depending, naturally, on our perception of your skills and fit. For contract work the duration is unlimited. Work in a friendly and supportive environment with a high performance culture and many learning opportunities. Based in Rome, you will be a part of the development and engineering team in spacious and welcoming office at the center of the city. The company is 12 years old and we work with Public Administration, Utilities, ONG's and many private companies.

If you are interested please send your CV at jobs@kapusons.it Visit our website www.kapusons.it and see open job opportunities.

Ugo Esposito CEO & Founder Kapusons