Volunteers required : freeonrails.com


My journey on rails started with a free hosting service - http://www.freeonrails.com around 2 years back, even though I started actual rails coding around a year back. I currently pay for 2 servers text link ads and google adsense ), and I'll continue to pay for it. The main reason why I run the site is, I had to shut down my site in college as I didn't have money to pay for bandwidth and I had no credit card !! So I just want to help students.

However, lately I've been facing real time crunches. And I really haven't been able to maintain FoR for past few months. The main job right now, is to setup an account and help people with deploying the app.

I have plans ( meaning it may never even happen ) to write an automated account creation system using LiteSpeed. And build a front end for community based hosting - so that someone can post a hosting request, community can vote it up/down and if the person gets "n" positive votes, system admin can just press "approve" button to set up hosting account.

This may not be a simple project as it might sound. But as I want to open source it, it could be helpful for people looking to setup paid hosting service as well.

I am looking for any kind of possible help. It could be an offer to help in coding or may be a simple advise to guide in proper direction ! Or may be for quick term, someone can set up and take responsibility of maintaining the site in it's current state :slight_smile:

Paypal is sweet too :wink: But it's not really money I'm looking for right now.

So if anyone's interested, do drop me an email or you can join my empty google group at http://groups.google.com/group/fordev and we can take it up from there.