VIM with Ruby Rails?

I assume we have people on this board using VIM 7.0+ and Rails together. I've been wondering what plug-ins, add-ons, scripts, etc. people are using with VIM.

Tim Pope's rails.vim plugin is excellent:

The Vim-Rails wiki page is quite helpful too:

In particular I'm interested in how people manage their files (Textmate has that handy drawer and the concept of 'projects' to it all organized). How can I do this type of thing with VIM? Or can I?

There are various plugins which do this -- just search for "Vim file explorer". My favourite is the Buffer Explorer, although it doesn't sound like quite what you are after:

Also, it seems the Ruby/Rails intellisense/autocomplete in VIM 7 is a bit flaky. I have to hit CTRL-X, CTRL-O in order to prompt it, then I cannot type the letters of the method I'm looking it just goes beserk. What is the correct way to use this?

Try Ctrl-n. I find I have to use the cursor keys (yuk) to reach the match I want.

Regards, Andy Stewart