Vim/Ruby Configuration Files, 2007.03.02

G'day folks,

A new release of Vim/Ruby has just been uploaded to RubyForge.

Tim Pope has taken over maintenance of the eRuby indent file and added
support for indenting the Ruby code in these files (in addition to the
existing markup indenting).

The omni completion script now loads RubyGems and defaults to syntax
highlighting based completion if Vim was not compiled with the Ruby
interface. It also includes improved Rails support.

The Ruby ftplugin has been altered to set 'keywordprg' to call ri and
includes a function to return the output of ri to 'ballooneval'. This
allows Gvim users to view the ri output, of the word under the mouse
pointer, as a tooltip.

Some general refinements have been made to the Ruby syntax highlighting
groups and string interpolation regions are now highlighted with the top
level syntax highlighting.

See the NEWS and ChangeLog files for more details.

Doug (for the Vim-Ruby Team)