- Very important: Repent, Completely trust in God only and, Love Him with all of your heart.

There is a section below with the title "Atheism and Evolutionism are

All those who have sinned deserve to suffer in Hell forever. "Pride"
is an example of a sin.

1. Repent (be truly sorry for your sins; beg for God's forgiveness;
abandon sin; ask Him to help you stop sinning; and repent for His

2. Completely trust in God only; do not trust in yourself.

3. Love the Lord with all of your heart.

The Son of God (the Lord Jesus Christ) suffered and died on the cross
to pay for the sins of those who trust in Him. His blood can clean
away our sins. He was buried for three days, then lived again. There
is hope of eternal life and happiness for those who trust in God.

Your efforts and works cannot save you. Only God is truly righteous
and good. Humans are totally corrupt, but thankfully God controls all
things. Thank the Lord if He has saved you, and if His Spirit has
given you the ability to trust in Him.

There is no better God than Him.

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