Verifiers for Ticket #10537 ([PATCH][TINY] ActiveResource in 2.0.x do not define "new_record?" Fixes form_for issue with ARes)

Can you verify tinny ?

This is important not only for users wanting to replace ActiveRecords with ActiveResources, but also for compatibility with form_for on rails. See, when doing something like:

# new.rhtml <% form_for(@article) do |f| %>     ...

form_for method behaves like this:

# action_view/helpers/form_helpers.rb

def form_for(record_or_name_or_array, *args, &proc)     ... apply_form_for_options!([object], options)

and then:

def apply_form_for_options!(object_or_array, options) #:nodoc:

    ... if object.respond_to?(:new_record?) && object.new_record?

        ... assignation of "post" HTTP method to the form

If new_record? is not present on the ActiveResource and it is used with form_for, then the form will be created for an *update* of the resource (i.e. hidden input will be created with value "put") and not for what we need: the creation of the res (method "post", no hidden input).