variable using problem

I have an array A = ['XXX','YYY','ZZZ','RRR','WWW'] For each element of array I must execute a query on my database. I don't want write this code:

A.each {   >elem>   case elem   when 'XXX' do Model.find(:all,:select => 'COD',:group => 'COD',:include => :table).map{|el| el.table.XXX}.sort    .    .    .   end }

I'd like this:

A.each {   >elem>   Model.find(:all,:select => 'COD',:group => 'COD',:include => :table).map{|el| el.table.elem}.sort }

But there's a problem in this code. Can you help me? Can I write that? Thank you very much

I'd like this:

A.each { >elem> Model.find(:all,:select => 'COD',:group => 'COD',:include => :table).map{|el| el.table.elem}.sort


For a given attribute, some_record['foo'] gets you the attribute value. You might also be interested in the send method.