Variable column names


are you saying that the table schema changes during the active
lifetime of your rails application? If not then I've misunderstood
you and the rest of this response is not relevant.

My first reaction would be to avoid messing with the underlying schema
at runtime... It's not an informed reaction, it just strikes me as bad

If schema changes happen so frequently that you can't afford the
downtime of a deploy I'd suggest you were abusing the relational model
- time to rethink your design.

If schema changes are not happening that frequently then things will
be a lot more stable if you redeploy with each schema change. Of
course, that's just one guy's opinion.

However, if changing the schema is what you're set on doing then you
*might* have some success calling Model.reset_column_information as
you think is required - however, rails autogenerates methods based on
the schema and I don't know enough about that end of things to be able
to say whether it'll work at all - just a suggestion.