Varaible Validations

John Butler wrote:

I want to allow a user the ability to set certain values for validations
via a table called settings. For example a model called loan can have a
principal of between 2 values. In the settings table i have a field
called max_loan_value and min_loan_value which i would like to be used
for validating the amount entered for a loan calculation.

validates_inclusion_of :princiapl,
:in=>setting.min_value..setting.max_value,:message => ": Loans between
£100 and £12320 only"

Can anyone let me know if this is possible and point me in the right
direction, ive looked about but cant seemt o find what i am looking for.

One way would be

def validate
   unless (setting.min_value..setting.max_value) === princiapl
     errors.add(:princiapl, ': Loans between £100 and £12320 only')