Validation Through Multiple Models from one Form

Hey All,

I have a form that submits data to multiple models.

I have

class Man < ActiveRecord::Base has_many :notes has_many :contacts

    validates_associated :contacts, :notes

validates_presence_of :first_name validates_presence_of :last_name

class Contact < ActiveRecord::Base belongs_to :man

    validates_presence_of :contact_info

class Note < ActiveRecord::Base

belongs_to :man

    validates_presence_of :notes

However when I submit the form blank, it will only validate for the Man model. Not the other two. If I fill in the form then the data gets submitted to the DB tables just fine, it just will not validate more

than that base model.

From: < >

"NOTE: This validation will not fail if the association hasn’EURO~t been assigned. If you want to ensure that the association is both present and guaranteed to be valid, you also need to use validates_presence_of. "