Validation order


Say I have this:

class Order < AR
  validates_presence_of :credit_card_number
  validates_presence_of :credit_card_expiry_date
  validate :credit_card_is_good?
  validate_format .... # regex for credit card
  validate_format .... # regex for expiration date
  validate credit_card_is_good?
    # Use the number and expiry date to check against a remote service
    # to see if the card is any good or not

Now, in order to run Order::credit_card_is_good?, I need to be sure
that the user has entered in a valid credit card number and expiration
date. But, credit_card_is_good? seems to run before the other
validations do. Do I want to use after_validate or something for that


Have you tried placing the "validate:credit_card_is_good" line last,
after all the other validations in you class?

- rob