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Hi all,

I'm new here. However, I'm so happy because I got Ruby on Rails to work on my host. Now there's just a problem with displaying validation error message ,

in my view i have used the form_tag code is as follow

<% form_tag 'create', :multipart => true do %>

<%= error_messages_for :content_masters %> <p>     <%= label_tag :title %>     <%= text_field_tag :title %>   </p>

content_masters is my controller name ..

in my model m using

  validates_presence_of(:title, :message => "message")

the validation message is not coming ..

I hope you want to help me.


Hi Rahul,

The symbol (:content_masters) in error_messages_for should be the name of a variable, so if you wanted to display error messages for at variable called @user, you’d call it like this:

<%= error_messages_for ‘user’ %>

Please also see


Hi Lasse,

Thanks for your concern.. if i want to validate title than <p>     <%= label_tag :title %>     <%= text_field_tag :title %>   </p> then.............................

<%= error_messages_for @title %> <%= error_messages_for :title %> i have tried both the syntax but not working

do u have any idea .. thanks



I think you should use error_message_on(object, method) if you want to show the error of one specified field, like ‘title’, ‘description’

and use error_messages_for(object) if you want to show all the validation errors in this object

Have a look at the rails guides at The getting started guide shows how to use form_for, which is better than form_for in most cases, and includes display of error messages. Also the guide on debugging shows ways of debugging your app if it is not performing as expected. The other guides should be read also.


im also new to rails if u have good materials to learn rails please tell me send me links thanks...

Hii Yong,

As i have given the syntax above would you tell me what is the syntax i used because i have tried so much but its not working...

thanks rahul

Can Any Body Help me.......

Could you please paste your update code again?

<% form_tag 'create', :multipart => true do %>

<%= error_messages_for :content_masters %> <p>     <%= label_tag :title %>     <%= text_field_tag :title %>   </p> in my model m using

  validates_presence_of(:title, :message => "message")

try <%= error_messages_for :content_master %>, if content_master is validated in your controller

if it does not work, could also please paste the code in the controller

def new     @content_master =     @metadata = @content_master.build_metadata     respond_to do |format|       format.html # new.html.erb       format.xml { render :xml => @content_master }     end   end

Thanks yong the above code got worked.............. thanks a lottttttttt...