validates_uniqueness_of question

Hi All,

I am trying write a validation rule where I need to ensure that when a certain value is updated or created in a particular columns, a number of other columns columns are unique and that another column does not contain a certain value.

I have been able to use the validates_uniqueness_of :column_a (to be updated or inserted) with , :scope => [ :column_b , :column_c , :column_d ] . This works well but now I also need to extend it so that a certain column is not equal to 0.

How can I extend the validation rule to also include that a check is carried out that this other column does not equal to 0

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You can use an exclusion clause. See:

It uses an array, which in your case would just be [0]. There might
be a way to do just a single value, I don't know offhand, never had
to. Let us know if you find something like that....