Usiung a distributed filesystem

Hello list,

I wonder if anyone around uses or ever used a distributed filesystem for a Rails app (or any other platform). If so:

  • Do I need any explicit code in the application to use a distributed filesystem or is its use transparent ?

  • Could you give an example of an architecture of servers for high-peformance Rails application with a dist. filesystem? (how many servers, their roles, protocols, server layout, etc).

Could you share your experiences and thoughts?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Marcelo,

There are different types of distributed filesystems out there. If you want to use one with Rails or any other "normal" application, that is not aware of distributed nature of files it's using (99% of apps?), you have to choose one that provides virtual filesystem abstraction. For example in Linux, these would be mounted somewhere in your root filesystem, like /mnt/distributed and all of your apps (ans shell) could access files like they were local.

I know that Kosmos file system uses FUSE this way and provides nice abstraction layer to your applications, but I'm lacking further experience/knowledge in this field.

Thanks a bunch Hubert.

The weird thing is that I don’t see much Rails’ developers talking about using a dist. filesystem. I think hat it can be the best thing since slice bread, at least for applications that make heavy use of file assets. I don’t think that storing in the database is better.


Marcelo -

I agree that the Rails Deployment list is a good place for this. :slight_smile:

We use GFS (Red Hat, not Google), but it's a clustered filesystem, not a distributed filesystem.

Marcelo, which distributed FS were you thinking of?