Using view helpers and route helpers in a model

Hi there,

I am trying to get something working and its driving me crazy. I have been looking around for solutions to getting view helpers working in models and for the most part I find this solution.

Add the following in the model you want to use them in

  include ActionView::Helpers::UrlHelper   include ActionController::UrlWriter

However, when I try something like

link_to(polymorphic_path(@node)) I get an error.

"can't convert String into Hash"

This is because 'link_to' uses 'url_for' which is a method that both UrlHelper and UrlWriter both have which actually behave differently.

so my polymorphic_path(@node) => "/nodes/1" is a string and ActionController's url_for is expecting a hash.

Has anyone seem this and found a nice clean solution, or is this just the wrong way to go about things



There's probably a workaround, but I'd agree that this is the wrong way to do things. Generally, if you're producing HTML in models something has gone seriously awry..

--Matt Jones

Thanks for the response Matt.

I don't necessarily agree that using html in models is wrong. If I were putting in lots of methods like

def link   link_to, self end

That would be quite bad, and more worthy of a view helper. But I am not trying to DRY up the view indeed there is not even necessarily a request involved when I intend to use the method. I am trying to use Facebooker to publish status updates to Facebook and there is no controller or view directly in play here. So in my controller an object is created and its observer creates a series of events which eventually publishes a status update to facebook which is text with a link in it.

I could render a view for what is basically 6 or 7 words but that seems like overkill for something that is so (apparently) basic.

I'll keep looking I guess


Matt Jones wrote:

Did you ever find an answer to this? I'm experiencing the same issue with rails 2.3.x

this may help