Using the new ActiveStorage proxying feature to pull files from a CDN?

I asked this question a while ago in the DO Community forums, so feel free to reference this for more context: Using Rails ActiveStorage with DigitalOcean Spaces CDN Custom Subdomain? | DigitalOcean

I use DigitalOcean Spaces (which is API-compatible with S3) for my Rails app vglist and I’m on Rails 6.1 now. I’d like to use DigitalOcean’s Spaces CDN to load files from my site more quickly, but I’m not sure how exactly to accomplish that.

Essentially, now that proxying is supported, is there a way to use DigitalOcean Spaces’ CDN route for loading images in my Rails app? e.g. if I have a file at variants/f0wiz0ls64m8h5mhkgcxzu9ryvsd/9fb35d14726f288d319bd1b72e02e094325db77ef3d2a0dacf673d0fc7673672, rather than loading an image from, I’d load it from

Is there a way to do that while still uploading the files to the endpoint Or is this not supported by the proxying feature?

Sorry I’m misunderstanding what proxying is intended for! If there’s another solution for this problem, I’d appreciate anyone who can point me in the right direction for it.

Thanks :slight_smile: