Using Savon

Hi guys!

I’m trying to read and create data through SAVON with a SOAP API. I never worked with SOAP before, so I’m getting some problems here.

This is the API I’m using:

And here the actions:

The action ‘IncluirCarro’ is used to create a new data in api, and the method ‘ObterModelo’ read some data from APi.

I’m not sure how to add data through SOAP. At the line: puts( :obter_estoque_atual) I can read the xml of some data, but dont know how to parse this data to load it in my view, or which parameter put in ‘incluir_carro’ method to create the register of my data in the APi.

There is not so much tutorials or documentation from Savon website ou stackoverflow about how to work with it. I saw the Railscast 290, but the tutorial is old and it just read data.

Someone have experience with Savon? I need some light here.


My model:

class Webmotor < ActiveRecord::Base

require 'savon'

def initialize(car)

	wSDL = ''

	webmotors = Savon.client(wsdl: wSDL,

							log: true,

							log_level: :debug,

							pretty_print_xml: true)



		puts( :obter_estoque_atual)

		#puts( :incluir_carro, message: {"IpvaPago"=> 'Não', 'RevisadoOficinaAgendaDoCarro' => 'nao'})





Hey man, I read your post on rails-br but I could not find it there. Give me more details about what you are trying to do. I used Savon couple years ago, and I think I can help you with that.