using links with forms

Binh Ly wrote:

the Agile Web Dev w/Rails book talks a lot about the correct usage of
GET and POST. my question is, if you have a fieldset with from
checkboxes and drop downs and they're inside a form, how do you submit
the form with a link?

like if you're just collecting the criteria for a report that you're
going to run, that doesn't affect the DB or have any side effects. how
do you perform such an operation with forms and stll honor th whole
GET/POST correstness issue from the book?

Huh? POST is about sending data without using a big ugly URL. The Agile book is just talking about making hacking those data slightly harder.

Send with POST and then don't update the database.

Also, Rails makes entry-level Ajax much easier than classical web development. You could just use form_remote_*.