User Management - whats the most popular approach?

I liked acts_as_authenticated. Simple, understandable yet malleable. The engines stuff has been horribly buggy, at least when I tried it last. I wouldn't choose based on popularity. The Login Engine and User Engine are far more popular than they deserve to be.

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the whole transfer to google seems screwed up. Not only am I getting individual messages instead of the digest, the unsubscribe is in an infinite loop. Please someone deal with this issue. One other nit - I bloody well resent being forced to choose a nickname. Its utterly my business whether or not i have one. stupid stupid stupid.

strange. worked for me..

i subscribed with a normal non-gmail address, and via gmail and setup a forward. the latter's emails are easily arriving 10-15 minutes before the other, or almost instantaneous.

bottom line, if you want prompt delivery, use gmail :wink:

kind of reminds me of the stuff in IIS that would deliver requests to IE users first..

I totally don't understand oyour issue. If you prefer daily digests... Change the setting to daily digest. Regarding the nickname i totally don't understand at all. There are always some name to represent you..... Do you prefer using only you email??? Then use your email as nickname.... It's a mailing list.... There is little difference between this and the old one.

i'm on the ruby list but my subscription was deactivated a long time ago. i now seem to be getting emails.

i like acts_as_auth as well. tried User/Login engine and realized i liked more the ability to get in the code and extend/change. AAA's generators allow for that easier than the Engine approach.


I’ve yet to see a good “slap this in and you have a full admin panel w/ user controls” type of engine/plugin. The simple stuff is easy to build on, but i’d love to hear about something already done.

one of the user (engines or otherwise) + the streamlined[1] framework will get you pretty close…


[1] streamlined screencast:

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I would look at activerbac if you have complex needs. Its not flashy but its fully done and has everything I have ever needed, or could be easily added.