User driven form creator?

Hi All,

I need to add functionality to an intranet site where users can design
basic forms such as leave forms, change of details forms, request for
printing forms, etc via a web gui where they enter the label, select a
type, possible values (for tick and select boxes), etc. I've had a
look around to see if there are any plugins for this but can't seem to
find any.

Anyone know if such a thing exists or if there are any good pointers
as to how I might go about it? Doesn't need to have user driven
validation or rules, just simple data capture stuff that I can then
drive an email from.



Hi Marnen,

They would be web forms. Plan is that the intranet administrator (who
is non-techie) can define the form by specifying the fields and then
the users get the form presented to them to fill in as a web form.
When they have completed the form the details would be emailed for


Yup, email as the delivery as it fits with their current workflow.
However I'd still keep the data in the system in a table for audit
purposes. The rest of the intranet is a custom RoR app that I wrote,
so at this stage I'd like to keep the functionality there rather than
linking off, but I'll have a look at google spreadsheets.


It could be htmlish, as long as it would be something that a business
type user could learn.