Use submit tag but show a link


The submit_tag when used created a button by default. Is there a way
by which i can create a link and use submit_tag and its properties.
I have a form submission and i want that to work as it is but instead
of button show a link in my page.


While using the link_to_function i am getting this javascript
<a onclick="Form.getInputs(this.form, null, 'commit')[0].value =
'add_another_criteria'; ; return false;" name="_commit" href="#">Add
Term To Search</a>

and with submit_tag i am getting thus
<input type="submit" value="Add Term To Search"
onclick="Form.getInputs(this.form, null, 'commit')[0].value =
'add_another_criteria'" name="_commit"/>

How can i make this work.

??? could you post the exact code you use ???

<%= hidden_field_tag('commit', 'add_another_criteria') %>
<%=link_to_function("Add Term To Search", :name => '_commit',
                 :onclick => "Form.getInputs(this.form, null, 'commit')
[0].value = 'add_another_criteria'") %>
<%= submit_tag('Add Term To Search', :name => '_commit',
                 :onclick => "Form.getInputs(this.form, null, 'commit')
[0].value = 'add_another_criteria'") %>