Use Ransack with radio buttons for boolean values


I’m trying to search for active and non active users. These radio buttons work just fine except that it didn’t reselect itself after the form has been submitted. So, what should I do to ensure it will be selected just like how my text field populated automatically after the form has been submitted?

= search_form_for @q do |f|

= f.radio_button :is_active_false, 1

= f.radio_button :is_active_true, 1

Thanks in advance.


have you tried the :checked option?

That was the only solution for me.

If anyone have any better solution, please post here.

Lucca Mordente

I use a drop down box as then I can select true, false or don't care

= :my_bool_field_eq, options_for_select([false, true]),
include_blank: true