us_states plugin

jeremy*pinnix wrote:

> Hello, > > I am trying to figure out how to use the options available with the > us_states plugin. What is the proper syntax for using the :priority > and :with_abbreviation options? > > Thanks, > jeremy

:with_abbreviation => true :priority matches the usage in country_select, which is basically an array of priority states.

:priority => %w(Texas California)

-- Rick Olson

Thanks Rick. :with_abbreviation worked just as described. However, the :priority example isn't functioning for me.

<%= us_state_select 'child', 'state', :priority => %w(Texas California) %>

It generates the "--" option, but doesn't generate the Texas and California options above it...

Is there something else I'm missing?

I just had the same question/problem. This should do the trick... :priority => %(TX CA)