URL issue in rails routing


I have a link as below

<%= link_to member.full_name,{:controller => "reports",:action => "student_details", :stud_id => member.id,:vehicle_id=>@vehicle,:type=>@type,:month=>@start_date,:category=>@category } %>

In the routes.rb I have defined as

 map.connect    "/reports/student_details", :controller => reports',:action => 'student_details'

But when I click this link and go to the page, the url is showing as complete url with all the params appended in the link… I want the url to be shortened like, reports/student_details/id
How do I do that… Please help…

You could start by responding to the replies from your previous
message that you asked several days ago. It is not good manners to ask
a question and not respond when others offer help.