Many users try to overwrite the to_param method of AR to add more
expressivness and value of Seo to the url using something like the

def to_param
  id.to_s + title. parameterize + '-' + author. parameterize

That generate url like that:


The id passed to AR is '100-goodbook-guest' that type_casted to
integer in a trasparent way it will became 100.

My proposal is to permit to read also url like the following


In other words, the id string passed to AR could have integer at the
begining or end of itself

Very limited use-case. Can’t see the point of it.


Agreed, If you want custom slugs use something like https://github.com/norman/friendly_id and then you can just forego the id in the url all together.

Moreover, in order to really optimize your SEO, you shouldn’t rely only on the ID, but you should also check the slug.

Otherwise, it generates duplicate content as you can have hundreds of different urls with the same content.

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