url_for escapes anchors when :escape => false

Hey guys,

Just noticed that url_for escapes anchors even when the escape option is false.

url_for(:controller => ‘events’, :action => ‘index’, :event_key => ‘ryan’, :anchor => ‘view=details’, :host => ‘localhost’)

=> “http://localhost/events/ryan#view%3Ddetails

url_for(:controller => ‘events’, :action => ‘index’, :event_key => ‘ryan’, :anchor => ‘view=details’, :host => ‘localhost’, :escape => false)

=> “http://localhost/events/ryan#view%3Ddetails

And after grepping through the code, I can’t actually find where the :escape option is used to turn escaping on or off. Is this something that has fallen through the cracks or am I missing something?