uploading video

Hey guys,

Please suggest method to upload video. I am using ruby version 1.8.6 and rails 1.2.3. I found some gems like carrierwave, paperclip etc. But none of these are compatible with the versions used in my project.

Nitin Mathur.

Is there a red-hot reason why you have to stick to a version that's so out of date? That was about 5 years ago or more, wasn't it? I think that version 1 had file_column built in, you might try finding some references to that in the documentation or age-appropriate blogs.


Hi Walter, I myself is very keen to upgrade the application. But I can’t as it has become huge and as a result of gradual development since past 4 years. I tried upgrading once which caused breaking many functionalities. Anyways thanks for the suggestion I will look into it.


Hey Walter, Thanks a lot. I tried “file_column” today and it solved my problem (I couldn’t give it a try early as got stuck with some other tasks). Thanks again!